Tuesday, February 5, 2013

My Active Grade Gradebook

I use Active Grade for grade reporting. Here is a Great 2-minute video called Introduction to Active Grade and  SBG. I like using Active Grade for several reasons. Here is a snapshot of my gradebook from third quarter with the names removed. We only have a few grades so far this quarter but you can get the idea. ActiveGrade allows you to set colors for individual achievement levels. I can see very easily which students have yet to meet the minimum requirement of Level 2 on any standard by looking for red squares.

Here is a snapshot of what second quarter looked like. You don’t see any red, because students have opportunities to retake the assessments, and all students met the minimum requirement of a level 2 or higher bringing them into the yellow zone.

Here is what a student sees on their end. I like how the student can see immediately what their lowest standard is so they can determine where they need to focus to improve. The report below shows that the student’s lowest standard is 2C Digestive system. In my class a minimum of 2.5 on all standards is required to get a B- or better, so this student would have a 79 until he/she improves Standard 2C to a 2.5 or better. I really like Active Grade because it makes it VERY clear to both students and parents how a student is performing in class and what they can do to improve.

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